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Pet Promenade has everything you will need for the furry member of the family.
From pet food, dog leads, grooming equipment and bird cages, to a fabulous variety of pet toys and other animal accessories. We have lots of exciting things to see and and learn at Pet promenade. We hope you enjoy your visit and will share this resource to other pet lovers. We guarantee you will always find a wealth of resources and knowledge for your special pet.


Pet Supplies Plus++ from Pet Promenade

Pets can change one's entire life completely. They can help relieve stress, improve health, provide exercise, and aid in facilitating a healthy and happy environment. Playing with your pet can help take a load off your mind by giving you something else to think about. The health part has never quite dawned on many but pets can actually help lower blood pressure and boost immunity. Currently, there is a class of animals that has been approved by health professionals for use in therapy. Walking your dog provides great exercise for you and also for the animal. Pet Promenade is your all about pets. With a catalog of well over 5000 products, we have all the resources you need to ensure that your pet never lacks in anything. Visit our shops to get pet supplies plus a whole lot more at very affordable prices. Here is a brief outline of some of the things we have to offer for you, your cat, your dog, your bird and any other pet you keep:

For Dogs
The dog was the very first animal and mammal man domesticated and therefore dogs are easily the most popular pets, and not just in the UK. We at Pet Promenade have kept up to speed with this by providing the widest array of dog products. The best thing about a dog is for it appear attractive, which is why we have a suite of grooming products like clippers for shaving and de-shedding tools for removing loose dead hair. Shaving and de-shedding has numerous benefits including reducing allergic reactions to dogs and promoting a healthier skin and shinier coat. When it comes to food, we offer the exquisite Supadog Adult dog food which is dry chunks of chicken draped in meat juices. Create a delicious gravy by mixing with hot water and your dog just won’t seem to have enough. This food is engineered to boost the immune system, maintain good eyesight, keep the skin coat shiny and keep bones and teeth super-strong.

Pet Supplies Plus++ from Pet Promenade cont.

We have a full arsenal of comfy dog sleeping products including pillows and beds. When the time for your dog to be a mom or dad arrives, we have offer a snugly heat-pad with fleece cover to keep the newborns safe and warm at all times. The heat-pad is washable and is re-warmed in the microwave after which it retains warmth for up 10 hours. We also offer a collection of dog leads that you can use to treat your dog and yourself to a nice walk or run. If you walk your dog at night, be sure to include our high-visibility LED dog collar safety light which ensures that he can be seen from a distance away.

For Cats
While more households have dogs than those that have cats, the number of cats owned is slightly higher than that of dogs. For food, we offer Felix as Good as it Looks Meat Selection in Jelly, which is a 2.65 pound package of pure meaty goodness. The package contains an assortment of chicken, beef, rabbit and lamp that your cat will relish. Even better, it contains your cat’s recommended daily allowance of minerals, vitamins D and E and Omega 6. Cats are particularly susceptible to fleas, ticks and lice, and for this we have Frontline Spot on Cat, a comprehensive treatment against these pests. Once applied to the back of your cat’s neck, it spreads into the sebum of your cat’s skin and remains for several weeks. The pests needn’t bite for them to be killed. Frontline Spot on Cat is applicable to any cat 8 weeks and older or under prescription by a vet. Sleep is important for your cat, and we offer cushy cat beds that will keep it warm and prevent it from invading your couch or bed especially if allergies are an issue.

For Birds
Grooming for birds involves, among other things, clipping its claws. Claws that are too long can cause poor posture and pain and for this reason we offer a variety of claw scissors that will come in handy. For food, we have dried mealworms that offer high levels of protein and energy. A variety of grains is available too, for other types of birds.

Pet Supplies Plus++ from Pet Promenade

Pet Advice
We offer pet supplies plus so much more at Pet Promenade. We also have lots of useful tips and tricks to understanding your pets behaviour at all times. Dog owners in particular have many a times failed to interpret the communication from the barking of their dogs leaving them frustrated and feeling neglected. Dogs do not bark for no reason, as you will see on the website. No waiting in line when you can easily with a click order securely from Pet Promenade Pet Supplies Plus++ today.

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